Preparing for an on-road safety test

Make sure your road rule knowledge is up to date and that you are still driving safely

It pays to be prepared if you are required to take an On-Road Safety Test. We are here to help. Before you sit the real test, take an On-Road Safety Test Practice with us.

Book an On-Road Safety Test Practice

$65-$75 - depending on your location

Booking an On-road Safety Test Practice with the AA is the smart choice if you want to stay in that driving seat as long as possible. We will take you through all the stages and elements of the actual on-road safety test, help you understand what the tester is looking for and brush up your driving skills so you will be safe on our roads.

Our instructors know how to get the best from you. It can be daunting going for a driving test at any stage in your life. Our Instructors will help you feel at ease and give you all the knowledge you need to pass your test with confidence.

And, with our nationwide network, we’re bound to have an Instructor close to you.

Book an On-Road Safety Test Practice


Here’s what you need to know about the real test

If your doctor thinks you are medically fit to drive but is unsure about your ability to drive safely, he or she may issue you with a medical certificate for driver licence, enabling you to renew your driver licence provided you pass an On-Road Safety Test with a testing officer. This test will check that you still have a good knowledge of the road rules and that you are still driving safely.  It takes about 30 minutes to complete and is done in your own vehicle.

A testing officer will give you instructions directing you when to turn, stop and carry out other driving manoeuvres. There are no fixed routes – you need to be capable of driving on all types of road and in all traffic situations. You must drive safely and legally throughout the assessment.

You need to get a total score of 80 percent or more to pass the safety test.  In the 12 months to April 2015 the average pass rate for the On-Road Safety Test was 56%. This low pass rate shows the need to prepare, and being ready for the test could improve your chances of passing.

For more information on the process and requirements of the On-Road Safety Test, visit the NZTA website.


The booking process

To book an on-road safety test, you will need to visit an AA Centre or driving licensing agent or book over the phone with NZTA on 0800 822 422.

When booking your test, you will need to bring:

  1. your completed Application for renewal of driver licence form
  2. your current driver licence or other acceptable evidence of your identity
  3. confirmation of your address, such as a recent bank statement
  4. the medical certificate for driver licence signed by your doctor
  5. the $41.80 on-road safety test fee and $18.70 driver licence application renewal fee.

If you book your test over the phone, you will need to arrive 30 minutes before your test appointment to allow all the pre-test requirements to be completed, such as confirming your identity and address, and checking the details recorded on your medical certificate.


The On-Road Safety Test

The On-road Safety test is in three parts:

  1. Basic driving skills
  2. Basic driving skills and hazard detection
  3. More complex driving situations and hazard detection


The testing officer will discuss the results of the test with you and give you a form highlighting any areas of concern. If you pass the On-Road Safety Test, the testing officer will also give you a temporary driver licence – your new photo driver licence will be posted to your mailing address.


You may fail the On-Road Safety Test because of a few simple mistakes or small lapses of concentration. The average pass rate is about 56%. If your licence is still current, you can continue driving until it expires. If you wish to re-sit the test, you can book another appointment with the testing officer. You may re-book your first test once at no extra charge, but subsequent attempts will incur an additional test fee of $41.80.