Information for fully licensed drivers

It doesn't matter how long you've been driving - we can all improve our driving skills and be safer drivers.

We have fully trained and qualified driving instructors who can assess your driving and help you improve.

Our defensive driving course is specifically aimed at experienced drivers. It teaches you how to scan for hazards, manage risks and understand your own driving style.

What you need to know

Full licences have to be renewed once every ten years until the driver is 75. Drivers must then renew their driver licence on their 75th birthday, 80th birthday, and every second birthday after that.

We have all the information, help and guidance you need to renew your driver licence at 75 and beyond and to keep safe on the road.

If you are concerned about a member of your family and their driving abilities we have information here to help you keep them safe.

When you can supervise someone to drive

When you have held your full licence for two years, you can act as a supervisor for learner and restricted licence holders.