Learning to drive checklists

We like to make things easier at the AA

We've put all our handy resources together in one spot. Now you can pick and print all the good bits of information you need at any stage in the licensing journey.

Test day checklist

On the day of your practical driving test, it's important to arrive in plenty of time and to bring your current driver licence. We've put together a handy test day checklist to help ensure you and your vehicle will be allowed to take the test.

Download the practical driving test day checklist

Supervisor checklist

If you're a supervisor, here's a handy checklist to get the most out of your practice sessions with your learner. Feel free to add to it!

Download supervised practice checklist

Things to check before you drive

Before you start learning to drive, here's a basic checklist of what you need to check to ensure your vehicle is safe and legal to drive.

Download the pre-driving vehicle checklist

Safe driving habits

Here's a list of safe driving habits for learners to make part of their routine. It's not a complete list - just some useful hints and tips to help you drive safely. The New Zealand road code explains safe driving habits in detail.

Download the safe habits checklist

Responding to hazards

Whenever you’re driving it’s important to continuously search and scan the environment around you for potential hazards. You need to take appropriate steps to minimise the risks they present - here are some tips to help you.

Download the hazard perception and response checklist