Learn to drive videos

Watch our videos  and be guided through the process of learning to drive.

We highly recommend watching the entire video series then getting out on the road with your supervisor or an AA driving instructor to give it a go yourself!

Episode 1 - Getting ready

You'll learn about how to set up your vehicle and make sure you are positioned correctly, ready to drive. There's more to it than you think!

Episode 2 - Moving off

We run you through the routine that you need to go through each time you take off in your vehicle. Practice this enough times and it will become second nature!

Episode 3 - Signalling

Signalling is a key skill for all drivers using the road. Watch this episode and learn everything you need to know. Special attention is given to the often confusing roundabout!

Episode 4 - Steering

It sounds simple but there's more to it than you think! In this video we teach you how to steer correctly.

Episode 5 - Parking

In this episode we teach you how to park, and give some handy tips to make it much easier.


Episode 6 - Parallel parking

Parallel parking, otherwise known as 'reverse parallel parking' can be tricky. Watch this video and you will be parallel parking with ease.

Episode 7 - Hill start

In this episode we teach you how to complete a hill start in both automatic and manual cars. It's quite different.

Episode 8 - U turn

In this episode we teach you how to safely complete a U turn.

Episode 9 - 3 point turn

In this episode we teach you how to complete a 3 point turn.


Liam learns to drive - learner licence

Liam studies with the road code quiz and road code practice tests before sitting his learner licence theory test.

Liam learns to drive - learning the basics

Liam jumps into the car with his AA driving instructor Bruce for his first driving lesson.

Liam learns to drive - hitting the open road

Upgrading from a car park, Liam hits the open road for his second driving lesson with Bruce.

Liam learns to drive - taking on the motorway

In his third driving lesson with Bruce, Liam gets introduced to the motorway.

Liam learns to drive - getting all defensive

To get 6 months off the time it takes to get his full licence, Liam takes a defensive driving course.

Liam learns to drive - testing out his skills

Liam feels that he is just about ready to sit his restricted licence practical test. Just to make sure he has what it takes to pass the real thing, he heads out with Bruce for a practice restricted test.