Political party responses to AA Election Calls

Ahead of the 2014 General Election, we went to the highest polling political parties to get them to tell us their vision for transport and to rate each of our Election Calls.

Responses to our Election Calls

The Greens, Labour and National gave each of our 15 Election Calls a rating from 1 to 4 stars (NZ First chose not to take part).

**** = Support this
*** = See some possibilities in this
** = Wouldn't rule it out completely but unlikely
* = Doesn't align with out current policies

AA Election Calls Greens  Labour  National 
Fair, consistent and predictable speed limits  ***  ***  ****
110km/h speed limits on our 4-star motorways  *  **  **
Make speed cameras more effective  ***  **  ***
Add flashing signs to school buses  ****  ***  ***
Review the alcohol interlock programme  **  ***  ****
Introduce saliva-based roadside drug testing  **  ***  **
An extra 200km of median barriers or safety treatments **  ***  ****
Make cycling safer  ****  ****  ****
Car safety information at point of sale  **  ***  ***
Replace RUC with a diesel excise tax  *  ***  *
Dedicate traffic fines to road safety improvements  **  **  *
Fair rules for private parking  *  ***  ***
Continue the RoNS programme  *  *  ****
Invest in regional highways  *  ****  ****
Improve public transport in Auckland  ****  ****  ****

The Greens' vision for transport

Decades of unbalanced transport planning have made it very difficult to get around without a car, resulting in congestion, high petrol bills and polluted cities.

The Green Party will deliver a balanced transport system so New Zealand can catch up with the rest of the developed world. 

We will invest in modern trains and buses, and build safe, separated paths for people who want to walk and cycle to work, school or to the shops. 

The result will be quicker, cheaper and greener transport that gives people more choice. Making it easier for some people to get around without a car will free up the roads for those who need to use them.

Our regions will benefit from an increased focus on road maintenance, safety upgrades, and investment in rail freight and coastal shipping.

Our plan is practical, achievable, and affordable within current budget constraints. It will deliver more for less.

Labour's vision for transport

Transport is the lifeblood of the nation. Moving people and goods in the safest, most efficient and sustainable way is vital to our prosperity, and to our quality of life.

Labour will continue to invest in a first class roading network, but will balance this with building modern, affordable and convenient public transport systems in our major cities.

Quality public transport will reduce congestion and get better value out of the transport network. More walking and cycling infrastructure will make our cities more liveable and give people more transport choices.

We will assess transport projects on their economic merits, and invest in roads, rail, coastal shipping and ports to deliver the most efficient freight network.

We will restore balance to transport funding by reversing the cuts to the maintenance of the local roads and new regional state highway projects.

National's vision for transport

National will continue to invest in all modes of vital transport infrastructure.

This includes pushing ahead with the Roads of National Significance programme, which accelerates and prioritises New Zealand’s most needed roading projects. We will also commit to big investment in important regional roading projects.

We will continue to support public transport with subsidies and by upgrading public transport infrastructure. 

A safe, modern and efficient transport system is the life blood of any country. Road, rail, marine and aviation transport systems get goods to market and people to work and places to relax.

Over the past three years National has spent nearly $11 billion on improving our transport infrastructure. We have continued to progress the Roads of National Significance programme and several of those projects have opened ahead of schedule.

We have focused on improving public transport infrastructure, spending over $2 billion to upgrade and electrify the Auckland and Wellington commuter rail systems.

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