Eight must-haves for your family car

7 June 2019

Eight must-haves for your family car

Eight must haves for your family car

Need more room for your growing family? If you are considering buying a family car, you’ll want it packed with safety features - and perhaps some entertainment features to keep the little ones busy during long road trips. Here are eight must-haves for your new set of wheels.


According to Rightcar, vehicles can come with front, side and knee airbags. While there are still many older cars without airbags, all new cars come fitted with airbags. If you are buying an older car, check whether there are airbags before buying.

Airbags can save lives if used correctly. If you have young children, rear-facing car seats should not be used in the front seat; side airbags can still protect children in the back.


A must-have safety feature; your car can’t get a warrant without being fitted without at least one internal and one external (depending on the type of car) rear-view mirrors.

However, in new cars, external mirrors do more than just reflect what is behind you; they also possess sensor systems to alert you when other cars are close. While the alert signal may be distracting, it helps you know if a vehicle is in your blind spot before pulling out to overtake.


Having Bluetooth available in your car isn’t just good for catching up on phone calls. Bluetooth technology also enables audio streaming in your car – which means you can play the music you really want to hear. Of course, if you have young children in the car, it may be playing the music that they want to hear, meaning you can rely on nursery rhymes to take the boredom out of their backseat car journey.

Bluetooth technology now comes as pretty standard in most new cars; other exciting uses for Bluetooth technology include the ability to use your smartphone as a virtual key.

Reversing sensors

If you’re not a confident reverser at the best of times, reversing sensors can take a lot of the stress out of driving.

When checking out options for your new family car, make sure the car has this as an option to make parking and reversing a breeze – even with the kids in the back.

Plenty of storage

Kids seem to come with lots of accessories. Whether it’s the pushchair and overnight cot when they are babies, or the sporting equipment when they are older, having plenty of storage space can make those family trips more enjoyable.

Check out the boot space in your prospective purchase, and make sure it’s fit for the needs of your family. It’s not just size, either; make sure your boot space is easily accessible, and not awkward to get things in and out of.

On another note, storage in the vehicle can be just as important. You might like to make sure there’s somewhere to store everyone’s water bottles, the sunglasses and the kids' books in the back seat, without everything getting lost underfoot.

Keyless boot

Very handy when you don’t have free hands, to try and juggle the keys, as well as a toddler. Keyless boot entry means you can just press a button on your remote access key, without having to try and manually unlock the boot.

Not all new cars come with this as a standard feature; so, if you think it would make your life easier, ask for it as an additional extra.

Second-row air-con

Road trips can get hot when you’re in the back seat. While air conditioning can keep the car cool, a single unit at the front may not be able to keep up if there is a lot of space to cool down.

Having air conditioning in the second row of the car means that the cool air is more likely to get to where it needs to and avoid having parts of the car remaining too hot for comfort.

Safety Rating

Did you know that people in a one-star safety-rated vehicle have a 90% higher chance of serious injury in a crash than people in a five-star rated car? Before you commit to buying a new car for your precious family, check the safety rating, and make sure you are protecting your loved ones as much as possible.

While new cars come with lots of convenient features, the most important ones are those that improve the safety of the vehicle.

And remember, once you have decided on the right car for your family, talk to the team at AA Finance about your car loan needs. Contact us on 0800 500 555, seven-days week between 9am and 5pm. We’re here to help.

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