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New Year...New You, right? Nice one! To support your new year’s fitness resolutions, we’ve created a list of our ‘top picks’ of the best wellbeing and physical fitness apps currently on the circuit. Alongside both motivating and guiding you to be the fittest version of yourself, these apps also offer a full 360o approach in their areas of expertise, so you can think of them as a supportive friend that will have you feeling fab in 22'



Les Mills+ 

This is your one-stop fitness shop and is a firm favourite within the AA Health Insurance team. Backed by over 35 years industry experience, the beauty of this app lies in that there is something for everyone regardless of your age, fitness level and goal. So, whether you’re a nervous first timer or a fitness freak – there is something for you. With content added weekly, this app is super charged with a range of cardio, strength, HIIT, core and flexibility workouts that you can stream at home or out and about.  Be guided to go on your own fitness journey by the incredibly inspiring and motivating Les Mills instructors.

Who is this app most suited to? EVERYONE, don't be scared off by all the lycra, this app really does have something for everyone regardless of age and fitness level. 



Designed by a former Olympian, this is a fitness app with a bit of a twist. It is an audio-based app providing fitness workouts and tailored programmes. It’s a bit like having a tiny personal trainer in your pocket, which you can bring out at any time for a motivation hit! You can take it with you on your runs, outdoors and at the gym – providing a highly personalised workout experience. The app also includes interactive 3D visuals which showcases the moves from every single angle - this is particularly helpful when you are learning the yoga ropes! 

Who is this app most suited to? If you prefer a more subtle approach to personal training this is for you. You basically want someone in your ear, but not in your face.



Map my Run by Under Armour

For a freebie, this app packs a serious punch. You can track and record your running and walking, then record all sorts of stats like duration, distance, elevation, pace, and calories - all with a handy little map to show you where you have pounded the pavement. There is an option to upgrade to a premium version, but you know what? We are pretty impressed with the functionality and options of the free version. 

Who is this app most suited to? Anyone who wants to move their body outside in the fresh air and to track where they have been – its great fun looking at the red squiggly line on your map at the end!


Meditation, mindfulness & wellbeing


This fantastic free app, founded by Sir John Kirwan and Adam Clark, has the goal of making everybody feel better every day. It’s backed by science and its beauty lies in that it gives you the tools to make small daily steps that create big changes for your daily wellbeing. Just like our physical health, our mental health benefits immensely from daily, short work outs. 

Who is this app most suited to?  Anybody interested in beginning their mental health fitness journey and being led by the inspirational John Kirwan.



If you are beginning your meditation and mindfulness journey, then the free version of the app is perfect for you. It offers a 10-day beginners’ course that guides you through all the essentials of meditation and mindfulness. From there you can decide if it is right for you. Meditation has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and even sleep better so we do think it is worth a try!

Who is this app most suited to?  Anyone beginning their meditation and mindfulness journey



The good folk at Calm are on a mission to make the world happier and healthier. And it seems to be working as the app has collected a sleuth of awards and was recently named by the Centre for Humane Technology as "the world's happiest app".

This is a fantastic app if you are looking to improve your mental well-being. It teaches users how to reduce anxiety and stress, get a better nights’ sleep and how to have a check in with your emotions.

Who is this app most suited to?  This is perfect for beginners but do note that it has programs for intermediate and advanced users also.

Yoga & pilates


Glo is online yoga, meditation, Pilates, & a fitness app which has been designed to help you feel better in both your body and mind. We loved this beautifully designed app, where you can practice all your favourite moves with some of the world’s best teachers. And no need to worry if you are just a beginner – they have classes and options covering all life stages and levels.  

Who is this app most suited to?  Anyone keen to begin learning yoga, meditation or pilates. You can trial for it one week to see if it is for you, after that there is a monthly subscription cost.


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