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The amount of cover you need can depend on a few factors like your current income, assets, your family’s living expenses and future needs. You can find out what your cover could be by using our calculator or by speaking with an independent financial adviser.

Cover needs generally fall into these categories

Clear all debts Simple provision Do something exta
Funeral costs House and living costs Give to charity, family or friends
Debts Children's education Lump sums to make a difference

A key thing to remember is that life insurance is designed to help ease your mind, – it should completely cover the things that you’re worried about.

Typically people keep their insurance cover until their kids leave home and their debts are cleared but many people like to keep it longer to leave something for family or provide for their spouse.

These are important factors to keep in mind when you’re figuring out precisely how much and what sort of coverage you need. Whatever life insurance you choose, it’s a good thing to get sorted. And once you’ve got it you can relax, secure in the knowledge that the people important to you are covered if the unexpected happens to you.

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