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Life insurance is where an insurance company agrees to pay you an amount of money if you die or become terminally ill. In return you pay the insurance company regular, often monthly, amounts called premiums.

No one likes to take a negative view of the future, but there are three possible negative outcomes you really should think about:



Everyone dies at some stage.


Injury or illness

You may get seriously sick or injured and end up needing time off – but you will get better and return to work.


Can't work anymore

You get so seriously sick or injured that you simply can’t ever work again.

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What you need to know in 60 seconds.

Life insurance is a backstop, a safety net we can all set up for when one of these possible events happens. The one we will all experience is death. AA Life has focused on helping Kiwis cover themselves for that but people still find the subject awkward and don’t want to deal with it.

The good news is there are only two things you need to know…

  1. How much money would you need to cover your funeral, pay off your debts, and provide for whoever you leave behind?

  2. Can you afford it?

AA Life has created a simple calculator that you can use online to answer both questions – how much life insurance do you need and what can you afford?

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