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Doing it for the kids

Let us introduce you to Sarah Gatjens. With three kids and a lifestyle block to support, Sarah and her carpenter husband needed a reliable backstop just in case the worst happened.

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Age: 41

Situation: Sarah needed an affordable way to insure herself and her husband because without it, if one of them died, they’d probably have to sell the house.

Sarah and her husband Mark are not made of money but they’ve built a rich life for their three children on a lifestyle block in Marlborough. With just one income from Mark’s joinery work, they had to think hard about how to protect everything they’ve built if the worst happened.

“Once you have children, life changes. If something happened to either one of us it would be up to the other one to look after the children. And when you have mortgages you need a back-up plan, you need some of kind of financial security,” says Sarah.

“We pay a lot of insurance already. Our cars are quite old so we’ve changed to third party insurance on them just to save money. But we’ve also got house, contents, and we’re on a lifestyle property so we’ve got public liability insurance – just in case a fire started on our property and spread, or our livestock wandered onto the road and someone crashed into it.”

Despite the cost, and the fact that neither of them had bothered with health insurance or life insurance before, Sarah and Mark realised they had to bite the bullet and get it done for the sake of the kids.

The couple had been thinking about getting life insurance for a while but had done no research – they simply saw an AA Life ad on TV and thought it sounded like a good deal.

“I did mine over the phone and Mark did his over the internet. Online it was very easy. He works fulltime so that meant he could do it outside work hours.”

They selected the lowest level of cover to keep their premiums low, but that still gave them enough cover to ensure the mortgage would be paid, with a little bit extra left over to help whoever was left to carry on.

“We selected the lowest cover so we’re not paying high monthly payments. If it was me that died, Mark would be able to possibly set himself up at home and pay for childcare so he could carry on working.

“It feels good to know it’s done. We pay fortnightly so it’s not a big amount going out every month. I feel better knowing that if something does happen we wouldn’t have the financial stress.

“If we didn’t have insurance we’d possibly have to sell the house, and you’d have three children and be homeless.”

One of the features she liked about AA Life Cover was the provision for early payout in the case of a terminal illness diagnosis.

“If I found I had cancer and was dying, I’d like to do something special with the family. Maybe go to Disneyland with the kids. Create some memories for the kids.”

She has this advice for anyone thinking about getting AA Life Cover: “I would tell them it’s easy – really easy. It’s just click, click, click on the computer, plus the people on the phone want to help you any way possible.”

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