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Let us introduce you to Zoe Evans. She likes that her AA Life insurance is affordable, pays out early for terminal illness, and enables her to name her husband as her beneficiary so the money goes straight to him.

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Profession: Swimming Teacher

Age: 30

Situation: Zoe already had her car insured with AA Insurance and found the claims process was fast and easy – so getting AA Life insurance was an easy step to make.

Balancing the ongoing cost of life insurance premiums against the unlikeliness of the worst happening was one of the thoughts in Zoe Evans’ mind when she bought Life Cover from AA Life.

“It is a cost, especially when you’ve got a young family. But it’s a small enough cost and it’s good to have that peace of mind,” says the 30-year-old mother of two.

“It’s the same with any insurance really. You might think you’re never going to need car insurance, but my car got stolen this year. So it ends up being worth it.”

Her car was insured with AA Insurance and she says making a claim was simple, fast, and “a lot less difficult than I thought it would be”.

“I just phoned them up and they were very helpful through the whole process. Like calling to make sure we knew what was going on and processing it really fast. It was only about 10 days before we got sorted with another car.”

Her main motivation for getting life insurance was making sure her two young kids would be taken care of if anything happened to her or her husband. She says having kids makes things a lot more serious.

“It makes you realise that you’re not invincible and you’ve got to make sure these two little ones will be OK if you aren’t around. We looked at life insurance more for them really – so if I passed away they would be taken care of without me worrying about it.

“I pretty much went online and Googled ‘life insurance’. I had a look at a few, but I had our other insurance with AA Insurance already and my Dad had recommended them as well so it seemed the natural thing to do.”

Being busy people, Zoe and her husband really appreciated being able to apply online just by answering a few basic questions. And it meant that the two of them could sit down as a couple and sort it out together in a jiffy.

“I said to him, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s get it sorted so we don’t have to worry about it’.”

They got the same level of cover for each other so if either of them passed on, the other one could count on having all the basic things paid off – including the mortgage, debts, living costs, and private schooling for the kids.

And Zoe liked the fact that she could name her husband as the beneficiary and have the money go straight to him – not through the estate. Another important factor was the early payout when diagnosed with a terminal illness, because not all the policies she looked at had that.

She admits she has now become something of a life insurance zealot.

“When my sister had her daughter, I was on her case. Before the baby was even a few months old, I was going, ‘Have you done a will? Have you got life insurance?’ She was kind of like, ‘I don’t want to think about all that!’ But a few months later, she did it.”

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