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AA Life Accident Recovery

Give yourself the best chance of a complete recovery

You can’t anticipate an accident happening, but you can be prepared with accident insurance. Our Accident Recovery Insurance provides a cash payout to help you recover from certain types of accidental injuries.

Premium and Benefits


 15 year periods of insurance cover

Our Accident Recovery Insurance is available to people aged from 16 to 69 years. The policy covers you for 15 years. At the end of 15 years you can choose to renew your policy (if you're under 69 years) to be sure you're still protected. If you've been lucky and haven't claimed during the 15 year period, we'll refund 50% of the total premiums you've paid.

 Variable amounts

The amount you get depends on how severe your injury is and which of our two plans you have chosen. If your injury isn't included in the list below and you have to stay in hospital for more than 48 hours, you still benefit - you'll receive a cash allowance each day you're in hospital (up to a maximum of 10 days).

 Money is paid tax-free

It's a lump sum payout just like full life insurance. There is no income tax paid on the policy payout so you get all of the amount you are covered for.

 30-day no-obligation review

You enjoy a 30-day no-obligation review – if AA Life Accident Recovery Insurance is not what you expected or you changed your mind we'll cancel your policy and refund any premiums paid.


If you're a New Zealand resident between the ages of 16 and 70 years, you're eligible. If you're older and would still like Accident Recovery Insurance call us on 0800 808 175 - we'll work something out for you.

 Accidental death payment

If the accident results in your death, there is an accidental death benefit of $20,000. This could help your family pay for your funeral and tie up loose ends.

 Reduction in cover

Your level of insurance cover reduces by 10% each year between your 75th and 85th birthdays.

 Fixed premium

Personal accident insurance premiums stay the same for the term of your policy.

 Flexible use of payout

You decide how and what you spend your payout on.

 Guaranteed acceptance 

If you're aged from 16 to 69 years, you do not need a medical, nor do you need to answer any medical questions.

 Length of accident insurance cover

All cover will end when you turn 85.

 Reach of cover

You're covered anywhere in the world.

Who it covers Ages 16-69, guaranteed acceptance
Application process Guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions
Coverage begins Immediate cover on acceptance
Coverage types 15-year coverage for Accident Recovery; Accidental death payout of $20,000
Coverage term Covers you up to age 85
Payout amount Pays out up to $125,000

What's covered

What’s covered

Under this policy, cover is provided if you:

  • are disabled as the result of an Accident.
  • are hospitalised as the result of an Accident.
  • die as the result of an Accident.
  • read full details here

What’s not covered

Please see the Accident Recovery policy document for a full list of exclusions, but these are some of the main areas not covered:

  • you participating in, or practicing for, any race, sport or activity of any kind (except racing on foot) for which you have received, within the previous 2 years, any type of reward
  • any Injury that you had, or had the indications of, before the Accident
  • a deliberate act by you causing Injury to yourself, whether you are sane or insane, unless the Injury is indirect and unintended

Paying premiums

Premiums can be paid fortnightly, monthly (direct debit and credit card only), quarterly, half-yearly or annually by direct debit, credit card or cheque.


Making a claim

To make a claim, contact AA Life on:

  • Telephone 0800 874 444; or
  • Send us an email using our contact form; or
  • Mail AA Life Claims, PO Box 894, Wellington 6140.

You must tell us in writing of any Accident or Injury that you might put in a claim for as soon as possible.

We will tell you what evidence we require. The Policy Owner or your estate is responsible for the cost of providing this evidence.

When a claim for a Disability Condition is made we may require you to have 1 or more medical examinations at our expense.

Payments under this policy will be made when:

  • we have proof of your death if a death claim has been made, and
  • we have received a properly completed claim form (please call us on 0800 874 444 and we'll provide you with the appropriate form for your needs), and
  • we have acceptable evidence of the identity and legal title of the person making the claim, and
  • we are satisfied that the claim is legal and valid, and
  • we have received the information necessary for our assessment of the claim.

You can only be covered by one AA Life Accident Recovery Insurance policy issued by Asteron Life. If you have another AA Life Accident Recovery policy we will use the one with the earliest start date. We will cancel any later AA Life Accident Recovery Policy and return any premiums paid.

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