Royal Throne – tips for the snuggest bed for your pooch

We all know there is no better time to snuggle into a warm bed in winter and this is just the same for our pooches.

Here are a few tips to consider when preparing a Royal throne for your much (and perhaps most) loved fur baby.


icon paw Size does matter!

Make sure your pooch is fully covered from the floor no matter what position they decide to put themselves in. You could give your dog a measure while lying down and then purchase something larger – so they have plenty of room.

icon paw Find the right bed for the needs of your pooch

Often older dogs, and ones that are larger breeds may suffer from arthritis, back pain or other health problems so it is a good idea to think of using a memory foam dog bed which will provide additional support and relieve joint stress.

When selecting a dog bed, take the time to look at how your dog sleeps. Are they curl-in-a-ball style or have a spread-out flat style? Having a round or oval bed would be best suited to a “curler” and a mattress bed for those who like to lie flat – first class style.


icon paw It's what on the inside that (also) matters 

It is a good idea to understand what your dog bed is filled with. Most dog beds are produced with polyester inside which is both soft and cosy. You can layer up in winter with additional wool blankets for your pooch.

icon paw Outside Kennels

Dogs should always have the option to be able to come inside where it is both warm and sheltered in the winter.

If they are outside, they should always have access to a warm and weatherproof kennel. In winter, there should be extra bedding in the kennel and to keep it dry and fresh this should be changed frequently.

Take some time to ensure that the kennel has no draughts or any leaks in it.
Have a good think about the positioning of the kennel – you could place it in a sunny, dry and sheltered position (strong winds should only come from your pooch).

Also have a think about the outlook of the kennel, perhaps some spectacular scenery or a fabulous spot to keep an eye on the coming and goings of the neighbourhood?

icon paw Sharing the love

Finally, you can also extend the winter love further by considering donating your old towels, sheets, duvet covers and blankets (especially polar fleece blankets) to the SPCA to assist in keeping abandoned animals warm and dry this winter.


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