AA Directions Autumn 2019

The opportunity to check out various homes for this issue’s feature was a privilege. People very generously let us snoop around their private spaces to determine the definition of home; it was an inspiring exercise. It confirmed the notion that homes can be tiny or huge, land-based, floating, mobile, owned or rented; shared or not. Their stories are heartening examples of thinking outside the box.

  • Come on in!

    A look inside the New Zealand home

  • Q&A with Claire Szabo

    The Habitatit for Humanity New Zealand Chief Executive sheds light on the importance of a healthy, happy home

  • Road rules

    Understanding priority lanes

  • Sounds appealing

    Aboard the Pelorus Mail Boat

  • Then & Now

    The Mustang: A modern classic

  • Island time

    A Fijian self drive reveals a few surprises

  • Stars for life

    Paying attention to a vehicle's one-to-five star Used Car Safety Ratings could be the difference between walking away from a crash, or not

  • Mystical country

    The stories of the stunning South Island are captivating

  • Smart cars

    Modern vehicles are increasingly equipped with high-tech safety features

  • Hey, Mercedes!

    The Mercedes-Benz A-Class won the top award of AA Driven Car of the Year and AA Directions editor, Kathryn Webster, took it for a spin

  • Switched on

    Considering buying an electric vehicle? Hear what it's like to own one from the early adopters of EVs

  • Ride to survive

    Motorcycle accident statistics aren't pretty

  • Keeping to the coast

    A day trip from Lyttelton to Diamond Harbour reveals stunning coastal backdrops

  • A fine-tuned lens

    The colours in Northern India are captivating

Cycling TN

A gentle push

Cycling the Waikato River Trail on an electric bike is equal parts relaxing and rewarding

suzi TN

Suzy Cato's Top Spot

The children's entertainer, radio host and musician loves a good old Kiwi road trip

Hamilton TN

City of the future

A weekend in the Waikato is filled with delicious cuisine, beautiful scenery and more

News bites

The statistics aren't pretty when it comes to motorcycle accidents
Read more - Ride to survive
Journeying from Lyttelton to Diamond Harbour reveals coastal treasures
Read more - Keeping to the coast
Considering buying an electric vehicle? Hear what it's like to own one from the early adopters of EVs
Read more - Switched on
There are plently of local characters to meet on board the Pelorus Mail Boat
Read more - Sounds appealing

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