Toyota RAV4 Hero

Old vs. New: Toyota RAV4 Limited

We investigated how a 2012 Toyota RAV4 Limited stacks up against the latest model.

Windscreen crack Hero

Safety tips: batteries, tyres and windscreens

Top tips from our experts on how to check your tyres and windscreens and being safe around batteries.

Kinder driving Hero

How to be a safer, kinder driver

10 tips for how to be safer and more courteous on the road

EV Hero

The future of EVs

Ben Whittacker-Cook explains why your next car will be your last internal combustion vehicle.

Drunk driving Hero

Our growing drink driving problem

How do we win the fight against drunk driving?

Nicole Rosie Hero

Q&A: Waka Kotahi CEO, Nicole Rosie

Dylan Thomsen talks to Nicole Rosie, the new CEO of Waka Kotahi the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Wheel Love: a cargo e-bike

A food rescue charity in Queenstown uses a cargo e-bike for pick ups.

School crossing sign

School zone safety tips

Safe driving around school zones means being prepared for the unexpected.

Look for Cyclists THB

Look out for cyclists

The difference between looking and seeing is critical to road safety.

Minister Wood THB

Michael Wood: Transport Minister

Dylan Thomsen asks Transport Minister, Michael Wood what his goals are for the New Zealand transport sector.

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