Road Rules TN

Road Rules: Understanding roadworks

‘Stop and go’ controls, reduced speed limits, and signs warning of potential windscreen chips
and cement splashes: roadworks are a common sight on New Zealand roads.

Harbour Bridge TN

The weakest link

Barney Irvine looks at Auckland’s reliance on its harbour bridge.

Climate change TN

Paying the price

AA Members were asked to consider the cost of climate change action.

Old vs new TN

Car review: Old vs new

The AA Motoring team compares a new Toyota Corolla with a ten-year-old model.

jono lester tn

Enjoying the journey

New Zealand racing driver Jono Lester is accustomed to living life in the fast lane, competing internationally for podium wins behind the wheel of exotic machines including Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and McLaren.

Trucking TN

Big wheel world

How can cars and trucks share the road safely? Ben Whittacker-Cook investigates.

Tech update tn

The Timaru Trial

Technology that brought us Uber, Lyft and Ola is being applied to public transport, algorithm, smart phone app, safe, easy, travel, motoring


All charged up

Tesla Model 3 owner, Mandy Simpson, shares what it's like owning an electric vehicle.

Stars TN

Stars on cars

A new safety campaign illustrates that safer vehicles don’t need to be expensive.

Best Buys TN

Tips for buying a used car

How to get the best deal.

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