Beautiful Bikes

Fiona Terry explores Nelson's New Zealand Classic Motorcycles

DriverTraining two

Learning Curves

A look at preparing new drivers for the road

Toplessbeauty three

Topless Beauties

Andrew Bayliss on the joy of summer cruising in convertibles

Hes a family guy

He's a Family Guy

Andrew Bayliss advises on cars suitable for a new family


Sale Away

Donovan Edwards shares some simple tips on maximising your car's resale potential.

Car shopping 01

Colour Coded

Which are the most popular car colours? Which are the safety? Lyndsay Lockie goes shopping to find out.

Motorbikes inpage

Stayin' Alive

Chris van Ryn meets the baby boomers who are experiencing a "second wind" on motorbikes, and examines the safety implications.

ReadingTheRoad Thmbnl

Reading the Road

Peter King looks at a study by the AA Research Foundation, which examines how road users evaluate risk.

DrivingInEarthquake Thmbnl

Driving in a Quake

What would you do if you were in your car when an earthquake struck? We give you some tips for staying safe.

Dont kick the tyres thumb

Don't kick the tyres

There's more to buying a used car than just kicking the tyres. AA Motoring expert Donavan Edwards shares his tips and tricks.

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