Amanda Milne, Board Game Designer

Amanda Milne is a professional board game designer, who literally gets to play games for a living.

Emma Bean, Kiwi Whisperer

Emma Bean is the manager of the National Kiwi Hatchery in Rotorua and gets to work with kiwi chicks.

Flossie Pallesen, Balloon and Bubble Artist

Flossie Pallesen is a Nelson-based children's entertainer, specialising in giant bubbles and balloon art.

Sue Court, Equine Therapist

Sue Court is a counsellor who specialises in equine therapy, using horses to connect with people.

Mark Harris, Stunt Performer

Mark Harris has been working as a stunt coordinator and stunt driver for film and television for 39 years.

Drew Stanton, Location Scout

Drew Stanton is a location scout who's job it is to find many of the spots that appear on our screens.

Martin Van Tiel, Pyrotechnic Expert

Dr Martin Van Tiel is responsible for creating some of New Zealand's biggest and best fireworks displays.

Macarena Carrascosa, Roller Skate Coach

Macarena Carrascosa has built a career as a professional roller skating coach in Auckland.

Q&A: Chris Tse, Poet Laureate

We talk to Chris Tse, New Zealand’s Poet Laureate, appointed for a two-year tenure by the National Library of New Zealand to promote and advocate for poetry.

The importance of community access radio

For four decades, community access radio has provided a way for the diverse communities of New Zealand to share their voices.

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