The importance of community access radio

For four decades, community access radio has provided a way for the diverse communities of New Zealand to share their voices.

Blueskin Playcentre, Waitati

Pre-school play has strengthened community bonds in the small community of Waitati, Otago.

Cultural Conversations community hub, Nelson

Bringing people from different backgrounds together is the aim of this vibrant Nelson community initiative.

Kelmarna Community Farm, Auckland

An urban farm in Central Auckland has nurtured plants and people for more than 40 years.

Featherston Community Centre

Friendships, crafts, workshops and social connections are forged at the Featherston Community Centre.

Q&A: Kenrick Smith, sand artist and mindfulness coach

Pāpāmoa-based Kenrick Smith is a mindfulness coach who uses sand-art to channel his energy and create a place of calm.

Q&A: Eva Håkansson, motorcycle engineer and speed racer

We talk to mechanical engineer Eva Håkansson about building electric motorbikes and winning land speed records.

Live well: Wai Ariki spa in Rotorua

The brand new day spa and hot pools at Wai Ariki are the perfect way to spend a luxurious day in Rotorua.

Live well: forest bathing in Auckland

Immerse yourself in the benefits of nature with a guided, mindful forest bathing experience.

Live well: a Cape South retreat, Hawke’s Bay

A wellness weekend at Cape South in Hawke’s Bay is all about slowing down, trying new things and learning to nurture yourself.

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