Most of New Zealand is rural. Beyond the cities, towns and villages. Picture milking sheds, shearing sheds, chook runs and horse fences. Beehives. Cattle stops. What’s going on out there?

There have been a lot of changes in the past couple of decades. The cost of land has changed the landscape; methods of farming have evolved; market demands have shifted. It’s more complex, now, to make a living from the land. Rural communities have had to adapt to social pressures, changing attitudes and environmental challenges.

It’s impressive, what’s going on out there. And at the heart of life in rural New Zealand is people with a genuine appreciation of the land, which is something we can all be grateful for.

QT farm TN

Visitors welcome

Shearing the rural love

MaruiaSchool TN

A hub for all

Not just for school children

Finishing School TN

Rural nous

A preparation for entry into society - the rural way

raglan TN

Planting the seed

Restoring farmland and waterways

Sheep world TN

A dog's life

The best farm worker out

Drone TN

The future of farming

Drones, GPS trackers, robotic fruit pickers and more

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The cream on top

A Waikato family make award-winning gelato

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