It has been a challenging couple of years for Kiwis but we’ve been collectively strong and some good has come from the experience. We reckon it’s time to accentuate and celebrate those positives and to remember that diamonds are made under pressure.

Breathe Hero

How to breathe properly for health and wellbeing

Kathryn Webster talks to Musculo-respiratory Physiotherapist, Tania Clifton-Smith about how to breathe more efficiently.

Artists Hero

Getting creative during lockdown

Kathryn Webster meets family of artists who made the most of Auckland’s long lockdown by getting creative.

Mask Hero

How to communicate with face masks on

Body language expert Steph Holloway talks to Jo Percival about how best to connect while wearing a face mask.

Cat family Hero

Adopting a lockdown pet

Lockdown was the perfect time to adopt a pet. Fiona Terry meets a Nelson family who found joy in a new kitten.

Gardening Hero

Learning self-sufficiency through gardening

Sharon Stephenson meets a family who discovered the benefits of gardening during the pandemic.

Musicians Hero

Forming a family band during lockdown

Lockdown was the catalyst for an Auckland family to kickstart their music, writes Kathryn Webster.

Sarb Hero

How to find resilience and calm

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Sarb Johal suggests we accept and recalibrate in these challenging times. Jo Percival reports.

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