Paul tn

Changing demographics

A leader in demographic research gives insight into New Zealand’s future.

Brain tn2

Smart thinking

How will artificial intelligence make an impact?

Wool tn

Outside the box

Major changes to an iconic New Zealand industry are on the horizon.

Goin electric tn2

Going electric

What is the NZ Government doing to encourage the use of EV's?

Clean solutions tn

Clean solutions

What is the future of our energy production?

Wireless electricity tn

The new wireless

Two bright Kiwi minds are behind a clever, practical solution to charging electric vehicles.

Watch this space tn

Watch this space

Hydrogen will play a role in our transport future.

Sustainable solutions tn

Sustainable solutions

The answer to our food miles problem is biofuels.

Food tn

Hungry for more

What's on the menu for the future of local food production?

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