Free as a bird

Paraglider Graham Surrey catches the summer breeze

Once the weather starts getting warmer there’s more thermal activity so paraglider pilots hang out for summer. One of the really good things is the ability to go for a fly after work. If there’s a nice breeze in the evening, I’ll just grab my gear and go for a couple hours of flying at (Auckland’s) Muriwai or North Head. That’s one of the things I really like about summer, having the freedom to do that.

That freedom aspect is why a lot of people get into paragliding. It’s liberating being able to soar around the sky. Most people have looked up and seen hawks and birds soaring around and wondered what that was like. Paragliding is as close as you’ll get to that.

I find it a really good way to de-stress. When you’re flying you have to concentrate on what you’re doing. It’s a good mechanism to clear the mind, get outdoors and appreciate nature.

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