Zoo TN

Make animal friends

Animals can reduce stress and boost happiness levels.

Archery TN

Throw an arrow

Channel Robin Hood and try archery for uninhibited fun.

Writers walk TN

Enjoy creativity along the Wellington Writer's Walk

It's uplifting to express creativity, whether it's writing, painting or drawing.

Whoa TN

Have fun on a playground

A visit to a local playground will take you back to childhood.

Cable car TN

Change your mode of transport

Jump on a train, take a ferry or hire roller skates.

kite TN

Fly a kite

Whether on a beach, in farmland, or your own backyard, flying a kite is one of life's simple pleasures.

mountain bike TN

Jump on a bike

Mountain biking brings many benefits: fresh air and lots of laughs.

Bug lab TN

Keep an open mind and visit a museum or exhibition

Visit a museum or gallery and broaden your mindset.

Flyingfox TN

Take to the sky in a flying fox

If anything can induce a 'woohoo' reaction, it's hurtling down a hill at high speeds.

Go Kart TN

Go fast in a go-kart!

Putting pedal to metal will make your heart race.

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