The Pig scooter

A beauty like no other

The NZeta has something that places its snout above other scooters of its time: Attitude, with a capital A.

Hot stuff

Hot stuff

Bubbling hotpools in the Whakarewarewa geothermal field have been used for hundreds of years for bathing, washing, warmth and also – impressively – for cooking.

Giants house

Whimsical wonderland

The Giant’s House is now recognised as a ‘garden of national signifi cance,’ attracting visitors from around the world.

Mouthful of a mountain meta

Mouthful of a mountain

A hill in Hawke’s Bay holds the title for the world’s longest place name.

Sheep CC

Magical moments

From a piano concert for sheep, to rabbit bone flowers and shadowy figures in glass, the art of Odelle Morshuis is a many-faceted thing.

gargantuan gallery of gigantism

Gargantuan gallery of gigantism

All over the land we’ve erected monuments, tall and proud, to celebrate our unique town spirit in the most mammoth way possible.


Magnificent masterminds

New Zealanders are an innovative bunch and the brainpower behind many crafty creations.

these things rock cropped image

These things rock!

For the last two years John’s been reincarnating hubcaps into musical instruments, in the form of slide guitars.

The bush metadata

Drama in the bush

Tarawera Falls erupts from holes in the rock 35-metres up a cliff-face. It’s a truly weird and wonderful sight, best seen from below the falls.

a collection like no other

A collection like no other

Myrtle decided to put a few paua shells around the living-room mirror, then added more and more over the years until every wall was plastered with thousands of pearly blue shells.

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