believe it or not

Believe it or not

In the 1920s oil prospectors were exploring the beech forest and discovered a dried-up stream bed with the unmistakable smell of natural gas. They dropped a match and the flames have been burning in this spot ever since.

fun and games

Fun and games

Norwegian-born artist Siv B Fjaerestad is working with public art producers Letting Space and Wellington City Council to create Projected Fields, enormous artworks on the fields of Macalister and Liardet Street Parks.

are they for real

Are they for real?

From a distance the pinnacles of Clay Cliffs look ordinary, but as you get closer, individual pointed towers emerge.

crazy but true image 1

Crazy but true

The old west town of Waterfall Mountain is now a fully-developed themed resort where guests can indulge their inner cowboy in surroundings that evoke 1880s Wyoming.

wearable art 2

A glorious rebellion against the mundane!

The World of Wearable Art Awards Show, attracts designers from all over the world, they get as innovative and original as they can and build wonderful, courageous, bizarre, glorious and sometimes just plain mad creations that can, somehow, be worn.

remarkable river surfers 2

Remarkable river surfers

A short drive from Wanaka, on the Hawea River, kayakers, surfers and boogie boarders take to two man-made standing waves in droves.

Enter at your own risk

Enter at your own risk

In this parallel world, the digital age of transistors and computers never happened and time marched with steam-powered machines and their noisy moving parts; clumsy by modern standards but fascinating.


A marvellous menagerie of zoological oddities

With no land-based mammals to hassle them, our birds and insects adapted and evolved in a wildly different fashion from their cousins.

wharf jumper 4

Those wacky wonderful wharf jumpers

The New Zealand Wharf Jumping Association (NZWJA) is a unified voice for one of the country’s more off-the-wall national pastimes – wharf jumping.

a journey through time

A journey through time

Audience members at Time Cinema enjoy a truly historic cinema experience, starting with the national anthem God Save the Queen and followed by historic news reels and advertisements selling cars for a couple of hundred pounds.

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