Magnificent masterminds

Egg beater

New Zealanders are an innovative bunch and the brainpower behind many crafty creations including:

The eggbeater

Serial inventor Ernest Godward created a tool in 1900 that would mean less prep time in the kitchen: the eggbeater. It could prepare eggs for a sponge cake in three and a half minutes; previously it took 15.

HairpinCrinkles in the havirpin

A year later, Godward hit the jackpot again when he invented the spiral hairpin, also known as the bobby pin. He designed it with crinkles so it would stay in position.

The snow-landing plane

Tourism pioneer Sir Henry Wigley made aviation history in 1955 by creating a snowlanding plane with modified retractable skis. He spent years perfecting the design before flying the plane from Mt Cook village and landing on the Tasman Glacier.

PlaneThe jet pack

The Martin Jetpack, developed by Glenn Martin in Dunedin in 1981, is the world’s first practical jetpack. Its usage spans from search and rescue, to military, recreational and commercial applications, and can be used both manned and unmanned.

Spreadable butter

The invention of the fridge made the popular staple food difficult to spread but that changed in the 1970s when the New Zealand Dairy Research Institute developed a spreadable option. In 1991 the product was successfully launched in the United Kingdom.

Plastic surgery

Sir Harold Gillies developed many techniques of modern facial surgery while caring for soldiers suffering disfiguring injuries during World War I.

Disposable syringes

Pharmacist Colin Murdoch designed and patented the disposable hypodermic syringe after becoming aware of the risks of infection from glass syringes. It was later adopted and used by millions worldwide

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