Letting moisture build up will result in mould, which is never a good thing. Fix leaks, check for condensation and ensure your home has adequate airflow, even if it’s by way of windows left open a crack.

Consider installing insulation, double glazed windows and a heat pump.

Gutters should be kept clear of leaves to avoid damming, which could lead to water damage to the roof and potentially other parts of the house.

Check and, if necessary, repair your fireplace and chimney. A chimney must be swept each year in order to be covered by insurance if a fire was to start there. If you have a heat pump, have it serviced.

Winter storms can cause havoc; prune overgrown trees in case they break in high winds and bring down phone or power lines. 

Curtains with thermal backings are a huge help in the mission to keep warmth in and they’re relatively inexpensive.

Find some warm, cuddly throws. On winter evenings when everyone is installed in the lounge watching movies, a blanket or two will reduce the need to ramp up the room’s temperature.

To make use of your outdoor area for more months of the year, build a fire pit out of stones and paving or invest in a portable brazier. How about adding a pizza oven to the scene?

Home cooking came into its own during the lockdown. Maintain the comfort levels with homemade soups, freshly baked bread and decadent, warming puddings.

Reported by Kathryn Webster for our AA Directions Autumn 2020 issue

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