Two Worlds - Hong Kong

On Hong Kong's Cheung Chau Island AA Directions editor Kathryn Webster revels in the clashing contrast between the old world and the new.


Into The Wild West - Franz Josef Glacier

In this road trip Amanda Cropp takes her family out of town to fulfil her long-held ambition to conquer the South Island's Franz Josef glacier.


Rhone River

It was a tough job but Jo Percival stepped up to embark on a cheese-fuelled, seven day epicurean cruise up France's famous Rhone River. Oui-Oui!


Land Down Under - Waitomo

Far beneath the shining sun and the people going about their daily business there's a magical world underfoot at Waitomo's Ruakuri Cave.


Catching the Breeze - Adelaide Hills

Adelaide’s big shady trees & splashing fountains can’t compensate for stifling heat, so Pamela Wade does what the early settlers did: heads for the hills.


Land of Legend - Taranaki

Bonnie Etherington explores both the ancient & contemporary stories of Taranaki and finds they layer together like the volcanic ash & rock that formed it.


Gold Fever - Macetown

After a bumpy 4WD journey Sara Carbery finds history in the abandoned gold mining town of Macetown. But what are her prospects of finding gold?


One Night Out - Nashville

Honky-tonk, bluegrass and cowboy boots...Karen Goa heads out for a toe-tappin’ night on Nashville’s main drag.


Road trip - Blenheim

Breweries, wineries and snow-capped mountains, Alice Galletly roadtrips around the picturesque north of the South Island.


Island show

The dance troupe prepares themselves for the evening’s highlight- a drumming & dance performance at the cultural show held at Rarotonga’s Edgewater resort.

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