Plenty to discover

Monica Tischler explores the aptly named Bay of Plenty on a road trip from Tauranga to Ōhope.

Heaphy TN

Magnificent Heaphy Track

Fiona Terry and her family walk the longest of New Zealand's Great Walks, Golden Bay, Kahurangi National Park, South Island, New Zealand, travel, walking, family, adventure

Top spot TN

Wiebe van der Veen's Top Spot

Store manager at Auckland’s Mount Eden Countdown Supermarket, Wiebe van der Veen yearns to visit Northland’s Doubtless Bay.

Pax Assadi tn

Pax Assadi's Top Spot

Comedian Pax Assadi loves the energy of a big city, but it’s the thermal waters of Rotorua that make it his favourite holiday destination.


Back in time on Great Barrier Island

Laura Waters checks out the predator-free island's night life.

Te Pamu TN

A night under canvas

Glamping, or glamorous camping, offers intrepid luxury

Paparoa TN

Paparoa Track: Close to the sky

Michael Lamb walks New Zealand's newest Great Walk.

Rotorua TN

Above & beyond in Rotorua

Monica Tischler and her family have fun in New Zealand's effervescent adventure capital.

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