AA 10-Point Check

The AA wants motorists to be safe on the roads, which is why we introduced the AA 10-Point Check.

AA Business Care and Taxi Care card holders are entitled to two free AA 10-Point Checks each year.

Non card holders can book a AA 10-Point check for $19 per check.

Find a location Or call 0800 500 333

The AA 10-Point Check includes the following 10 checks to help keep your vehicle in excellent condition:

1. Battery (12V test)

2. Engine oil condition

3. Engine oil level

4. Condition of wiper blades

5. Operation of wipers

6. Operation of washer (direction and flow)

7. Visual tyre depth

8. Tyre wear

9. Tyre condition (cuts, bruises, foreign objects)

10. Lights operation (head lights, indicators, stop/tail lights, reversing lights)

Where to get an AA 10-Point Check

The AA 10-Point Check is available at 45 AA Motoring sites across New Zealand. Find a location near you.

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