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Includes hundreds of dollars of special discounts, exclusive benefits and services with your AA Business Care Card. 

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With AA Business Care Premium, you receive the standard AA Business Care benefits plus the following: 

Benefit Description
Case management An AA case manager will be assigned to you for the duration of the incident, right from taking the initial call through to ensuring that your business is mobile again.
Vehicle recovery options Tell us where you want the vehicle towed - either back to your company’s base or a location within New Zealand of equal distance.
Benefit Description
Emergency taxi If you need to get somewhere in a hurry, we’ll organise for you to be collected and delivered to your destination (conditions apply).
Replacement vehicle Alternatively, you may need to continue on your business journey or return to your place of employment using a replacement vehicle.

Where possible, a vehicle of similar calibre to the immobilised vehicle will be provided, up to a maximum of three days. This is subject to availability and providing standard rental criteria are met.
Extra assistance when out of town Your vehicle has broken down 100km or more from your company’s base and it’s going to take over 12 hours to repair. What will you do?

AA Business Care Passenger Premium cover will minimise the expense and disruption.
Emergency accommodation We’ll provide accommodation for you and any travelling companions, up to a maximum of three days.
Combined accommodation and vehicle option Need accommodation and a replacement vehicle? Both are available for up to three days.


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