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  • Can I sign up for the AA Ignition programme if I've held my learner licence for over 1 year?

    This may be granted on a case by case basis. Please call the customer service centre on 0800 223 748 to discuss.

  • Is it possible to fail the Defensive Driving Course (DDC)?

    Yes. To pass you must:

    • Complete all classroom session in order
    • Complete all preparation tasks
    • Actively participate in classroom sessions
    • Complete all 3 eDrive modules with a score of 80%+ on each module
    • Complete the 1-hour vehicle drive in a safe manner. Car must be in a road legal condition. Driver must show their drivers licence. Driver must present their completed DDC booklet.
    • Safe manner of the 1-hour vehicle drive includes but is not limited to: No breaches of road rules. No illegal manoeuvres.

    If any of these criteria are not met satisfactorily, the DDC certificate may be withheld. However, you do have the opportunity to either re-do the course or retake the in-vehicle session at an extra cost.


  • I am overseas and have lost my licence. What do I do?

    You can apply for a new licence by downloading and completing the steps in the Application for a replacement driver licence and/or extension of driver licence validity form (DL2A) available on the NZ Transport Agency website

    If you have a RealMe verified identity you can apply for a replacement driver licence on the Transport Agency website, and they will mail your replacement licence card to you overseas. Visit the online driver licence replacement service.

  • Can I transfer my AA Membership to someone else?

    AA Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • What do I do if I have forgotten my MyAA password?

    You can create a new password using our secure online forgotten password process.

    Go to the online forgotten password process.

  • How do I find out the road rules in another country?

    You'll need to contact the country's licensing authority or consulate in New Zealand.

  • Why do I have to be with the car to get AA Roadservice assistance?

    AA Membership is personal to the Member. This means that you are covered for breakdown assistance no matter what car you may be driving - even if you are a passenger we can come out to assist you.

  • Why are there two different pricing structures for AA Membership?

    AA Membership pricing is based on the number of Roadservice Officers needed to attend call outs. More Roadservice Officers are needed in Auckland so the cost of AA Membership is higher than the rest of the country.

  • How do I sign up for MyAA?

    To sign up for MyAA you will need to enter:

    • Your AA Membership card number - so please have your card handy
    • Your surname
    • Your date of birth.

    During the registration process you'll create a username and password which you'll need to log in whenever you want to access your AA Membership or AA Smartfuel account.

    Sign up for MyAA

  • Why can't I use the same username as my partner?

    For security reasons each MyAA Member's username must be unique. This means a shared family email address or username can only be used by one My AA Member. Note: You can have the same email address recorded in the email address field.

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