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  • I have received my AA Membership renewal notice in an email and the post – can I select one or the other?

    Yes! You can choose to receive your AA Membership renewal notice via email or in the post by the following:

    Email only: As our email renewal process is a new one, we are currently unable to send your Membership renewal notice exclusively through email. However, if you open the email within 7-days, you will be excluded from our paper statement.

    Revert to paper statements (post only): You can opt to receive your Membership renewal in the mail by selecting the “Renewal Notices by mail” at the bottom of the email or by giving us a call on 0800 500 444, this will ensure future Renewal Notices get sent by post.


  • Why am I receiving a renewal notice via post when I made payment after receiving the renewal via email?

    Our AA Membership renewal email is sent 7-days before the paper version. If you open the email within the first 7-days, you won't receive the paper copy. However, if you open and pay for your AA Membership after this period, you will also receive the printed copy. In this instance, your AA Membership has renewed, and you can disregard the paper copy. If you're unsure about whether your AA Membership has renewed, give us a call on 0800 500 444, and we'll look into it for you.

  • Can I sign up for the AA Ignition programme if I've held my learner licence for over 90 days?

    No. The programme is specifically for new learner licence holders. The AA recommends all new drivers have professional lessons but we have set the criteria at 90 days for our AA Ignition programme.

  • Does my car need to be road legal?

    Yes. Your car needs to be fully road legal (e.g. current WoF and registration etc.) or else you will not be taken out on your in-car drive and you will forfeit your session. You will then need to pay for another in-car session to be able to finish your DDC course.

  • How does invoice finance work?

    When you arrange an invoice finance facility with AA Finance, we set up your debtor's ledger on our computer system using our Virtual Ledger Manager® software. This is called a shadow ledger. Then by following the six easy steps below, you'll be able to keep your invoice finance facility running smoothly

  • What is the cost of a lesson?

    The cost of a lesson depends on your location. Please see the Driving Lessons page for our pricing table.

  • Is this a salaried position?

    This is a self-employed role where you will be operating under a licensee arrangement, you will see more detailed information in the pack we provide.

  • How does AA Finance's invoice finance work? What are the six steps?

    Step 1 - You deliver the goods or services and invoice your customers as normal.

    Step 2 - You send us details of your invoices and credit notes electronically using Virtual Ledger Manager®.

    Step 3 - You check your available funds on a secure internet site and transfer what you need (up to 80% now and the rest when your customers pay).

    Step 4 - We deposit the funds you've requested overnight into your bank account and you make your payments as usual, for example, suppliers, wages and rent.

    Step 5 - You send out statements and collect all the debts as usual.

    Step 6 - When your customers pay, the deposits go straight into your AA Finance invoice finance trust account. We email you a statement each day so you can update your records.

  • Can I pay for my driving lesson by Eftpos or Credit Card?

    Our instructors do not carry Eftpos machines so you will need to pay your instructor in cash at the beginning of each lesson. Alternatively you can discuss alternative payment methods with your instructor (they may offer online banking). You can also buy driving lesson vouchers online with a credit card.

  • Can I make a decent income from this opportunity?

    Yes, the income will depend on how much you put into it and it can be very rewarding from a monetary point of view. For more information around earnings vs cost please contact the Recruitment Team, Email or call 0800 223 748

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