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  • What happens if I buy more than 50 litres?

    The discount will be applied to the first 50 litres and any fuel purchased above this amount will be charged at the full pump price.

  • How often can I redeem my discounts?

    You can use your AA Smartfuel card every time you purchase fuel at a participating service station but you can only use each cpl saving once.

  • Can I gift my AA Smartfuel discounts to anyone else?

    Your AA Smartfuel discounts can't be gifted to anyone else. However, you can create an AA Smartfuel Group made up of AA Members and/or AA Smartfuel cardholders. The Group participants can then accumulate and redeem discounts for the Group - remembering that these discounts can only be redeemed once by one cardholder.

  • Why should I be an AA Member when anyone can benefit from AA Smartfuel for free and I get my breakdown assistance free with my car insurance?

    There will still be Member discounts at AA services such as WOF and Insurance, free technical & legal advice, free maps and guides, along with Member discounts from AA products and services.

  • Is there an age restriction on the use of the AASF card?


  • My cpl balance isn’t what I thought it should be – how can I check my transactions?

    Firstly check your account by logging-in on the 'My Account' page and selecting ‘Transaction’. You can then view all the transactions by selecting the period. If you still believe it isn’t correct, contact our customer service team contact us .... or call 0800 842 877. Alternatively write to us at AA Smartfuel Limited, PO Box 5, Auckland 1140.

  • How much am I charged if I txt for my cpl balance?

    20c per text.

    Or download our FREE app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

  • How does the AA Smartfuel programme work?

    Visit the AA Smartfuel homepage to learn more.

  • Can cards be unlinked?

    Yes. Log in to your AA Smartfuel Account and select ‘Remove your card from your Group'. You can then select the card you want to remove from the dropdown menu (the cardholder name will be displayed below when selected) and select ‘UNLINK CARD’.

  • If I take out a joint cover policy, and only one of us is claiming, what will you pay?

    We will pay the specified monthly benefit on the policy for the individual. If an additional premium is not paid, then we will pay half the specified monthly benefit.

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