Log in and registration help

Information about accounts, registration and logging in and out on aa.co.nz.

I don't know what kind of account to register for

There are three types of account on the site that you can register for, depending on whether you're a Member or not.

MyAA, the 24/7 online AA Membership service

AA Members can:

  • Manage / update your AA contact details
  • Review all your AA Smartfuel Points transactions
  • Manage your communication preferences
  • Ask questions and comment in the Ask an Expert forum
  • Write your own car reviews and comment on expert reviews
  • Comment on the articles in the motoring blog

aa.co.nz, an AA community user account

If you’re not an AA Member, you can still participate. Sign up for an AA community user account and you’ll be able to:

  • Write your own car reviews and comment on expert reviews
  • Comment on the articles in the motoring blog

Non Member AA Smartfuel participants

If you're not an AA Member but have picked up a free AA Smartfuel card from a participating retailer, register your card and you'll be able to:

  • View your AA Smartfuel transactions
  • Manage your account online
  • Opt in to receive the latest AA Smartfuel offers by email or text message

Please note your AA Smartfuel login only allows access to your AA Smartfuel account. If you want to access the community features of the website you'll need to set up a community user account.

I don't know what my login details are

To login you must first have registered.  If you've registered before, you'll have a username and a password.  If you’ve forgotten these details you can recover them.

Click the “log in or register” link located at the top of each page. If you haven’t registered before scroll down the page and click on the appropriate button to register; if you've registered before but have forgotten your username and/or password, follow these instructions:

  1. Choose your user type by pressing one of the three buttons – AA Members, AA Smartfuel participants and Community Users.
  2. Username and Password data entry fields will appear below which you will find links to recover your username and/or password.
  3. Click as appropriate and follow the instructions.


I'm being asked to change my username and I don't know why

We’ve upgraded the username and password rules to increase security. You may be asked to change your username and/or password to conform to these rules. As a general principle we invite users with an email address as their username to change it.

Usernames must be 6-20 characters. They can only contain letters, numbers and the following symbols: - + _ . & * / = \ ' ? ^ { } ~. Passwords must be 8 characters including a letter and a number. Passwords can't contain spaces.


I want to update my username

If you want to change your username and/or password, you can do this within your account.  Log in using a valid username and password.  When presented with your account details, select edit details and update your username or password.  Usernames are checked to ensure that they are unique.

If you change your username you will need to re-enter your password.  You can change your password at this point if you wish.

When I log in, the screen asks me to edit my details

If we don’t have an email address for you we’ll ask for one when you log in.  If your current username is an email address we’ll suggest that you change it to help protect your identity when you’re online.

I've changed my username but I am seeing a message that fields haven't been completed

When you change your username, you also need to enter your current password twice to confirm the change.

I want to log out

To log out, hover your mouse or tap the button over the “My account” tile – on a desktop computer this will be in a bar on the left hand side; on a mobile device it will be at the bottom of the screen. From the options displayed, select “Logout”. Once you do, you will be logged out. The page will refresh and the tile on the left-hand side will say "Log in or register" instead of “My account”.

I am logged in but when I try to use the Ask an Expert forum the screen asks me to log in again

AA Smartfuel cardholder, you won’t be able to add user car reviews or blog comments. To contribute to the Ask an Expert forum, you’ll need to log in as an AA Member

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