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When you search for a single word or list of words e.g. jobs, car battery or AA Rewards, the most relevant content will appear higher in the list of search results. Words which match exactly will be displayed first, followed by words which are partial matches.

Things to note

  • Our search engine will try to find information containing all the words you've searched for.
  • Searches are case-insensitive, i.e. "car battery" and "Car Battery" will be treated as the same.
  • Words are any unbroken sequence of letters and/or numbers such as "Romeo", "1999" or "ENGN3410".
  • Our search engine will ignore common words such as "the", "a", "of", etc.

Tips for advanced searching

  • Quote characters e.g. "AA Membership" around words will return results containing an exact word match only.
  • A plus sign in front of a word e.g. AA +Membership will return results containing an exact match for the words 'AA Membership' and a partial match for the word 'Membership'.
  • A hash at the end of a word e.g. car# licence# will return results containing 'car licence' as well as any variations i.e. 'cars licence', 'car licences'.
  • An asterisk before and/or after a word(s) e.g. *light* will return results for the word 'light' and words containing the word light i.e. 'lights' or 'headlights'.
  • A minus sign in front of a word e.g. government -services will return results containing the word 'government' and excluding the word 'services'.
  • A back quote between word(s) e.g. 'International driving' will return results containing all or both of the words in any order within 15 words of each other.
  • An exclamation mark in front of a word e.g. AA !Membership will return the word 'AA' but not the word 'Membership'.
  • Square brackets around words e.g. [tyre light glass] will return an exact match on one or more of the words.

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