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Te Paki sand dunes: seriously steep, seriously fun

As if the breathtaking glory of Ninety Mile Beach wasn’t enough, right at the northern end, near the Te Paki...

Te Paki sand dunes in the Far North. © David Kirkland

Bay of Islands: history, scenery and marine life

‘Ka pai’ is Māori for damn good/mighty fine/pretty cool.

Hokianga Harbour: the most laid-back harbour hub imaginable

You come from the south along State Highway 12, you crest the hill and bam!

Buller Gorge: swing into action in the deep, meandering canyon

Gorge is right! She just goes down, down, down to that mighty Buller River, as it sets off on its...

The Grand Traverse: a spectacular flight of fancy

While it’s always stunning to get in amongst it all, try getting above it now and again for the ultimate...

Timber Trail: cycle in the footsteps of early loggers

The first thing that’ll cross your mind as you criss-cross these phenomenal old trails is: they brought a tram through...

Whale watching: close encounters on the water

It’s all about the shelving. Not that buckled bench in the caravan, but the Hikurangi Trench.

Eat crayfish in Kaikōura: dine al fresco on this hallmark cuisine

So, in Māori, kai means food and kōura means crayfish. Right.

Bluff Oyster Festival: unsophisticated and proud of it!

See, it’s that whole food in situ thing again.

Cheese rolls: the sushi of the south

Food in situ. It’s a simple pleasure, but one not to be overlooked. Context is all in all matters culinary.

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