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Southern stars: see the rare but spectacular Aurora Australis

As world populations continue to gather in cities, and those cities grow, the chance to gaze longingly at the stars...

Aurora Australis seen from Lake Dunstan, Cromwell. © NCHANT

Akaroa: French heritage charm and the finest of foods

Charming: an overused word, perhaps, but the best possible description of the tiny township of Akaroa.

The Church of the Good Shepherd: the most photographed church with the best views

In case you hadn’t noticed, New Zealand owes much to its sheep farmers.

Hanmer Springs: soothe the soul at New Zealand's alpine sanctuary

The country’s very own alpine sanctuary, more Swiss Alps than Southern Alps, Hanmer Springs vies in a very beautiful country...

Great Coast Road: roadtripping at its best

The Wild West? Fill ’er up at Blenheim, where it says its goodbyes to State Highway 1, and hit the...

Awaroa Beach: the beach we all own

You may well not be aware of it, but we all own this beach. Well, kinda.

Camping in Golden Bay: a pristine paradise

It’s a different world, Golden Bay.

Denniston: a real ghost-town experience

A lot of folk hit Westport and then head south, where the dramatic destinations await: glaciers, mountains, that service station...

Ōkārito Lagoon: wonderful wetland wilderness

Welcome to New Zealand’s largest unmodified wetland, a natural home for waterbirds galore, who make more than a meal of...

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