Best Price Around

bestpricehtFind the same room at a better rate within 24 hours and we'll match it!

What is Best Price Around?

AA Traveller's Best Price Around gives you the confidence you’re getting the best room rate available online, when you book with AA Traveller.

If you find a better online rate for the same property, room type and dates of your stay, simply complete our claim form within 24 hours of making the booking, and we will match the lower rate.

Best Price Around Terms & Conditions

1. Eligibility checklist:

  • The accommodation was booked on within the last 24 hours
  • The details of the lower priced offer are exactly the same, including:
    • Stay date/s and times
    • Cancellation/change policy
    • Room type/bedding configuration/number of people
    • Any extras (free breakfast/WiFi etc)
  • The lower priced offer is bookable online and still available
  • The total price quoted by the competitor is in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and includes all taxes and fees
  • The other offer is available to the general public
  • Online proof of the above is available

2. AA Traveller's Best Price Around does not apply if:

  • The competitor website, which has the lower rate, does not reveal which property or accommodation type you'll be staying at until after you have booked.
  • The competitor website's advertised rate is part of a special deal or distressed inventory.
  • The price includes a group or combo booking discount/membership/loyalty/frequent flyer discount.
  • Your stay date is less than 72 hours from your booking date.
  • You do not contact us within 24 hours from time of booking.

PLEASE NOTE: Claims can only be accepted for review if submitted 72 hours before your stay date. Submitting a claim means your existing reservation’s cancellation policy will still stand, regardless of whether your claim is accepted or not.

1 - Best Price Around is subject to eligibility requirements and the AA Traveller Booking Terms and Conditions
2 - The lower rate needs to be still available online so it can be independently confirmed by AA Traveller personnel. For us to do this, please supply the URL (web address) of the page the lower price offer appears on. AA Traveller will not accept any purported evidence of a lower room rate that cannot be independently confirmed by AA Traveller personnel.


Claiming a price match

If all the above criteria is met, please fill in BPA Claim Form below with all the details.

Once we have verified the lower price and BPA eligibility, we will refund you the difference to your credit card and send you a refund confirmation.