Tohu Whenua: Kawarau Suspension Bridge

Kawarau Suspension Bridge near Queenstown is best known as the birthplace of A.J. Hackett’s bungy tourism venture.

Kawarau Suspension Bridge.

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Tohu Whenua: Hayes Engineering Works and Homestead

If you’re a fan of Kiwi ingenuity, rural inventions and workshops crammed with heritage machinery, then Hayes Engineering Works and...

Tohu Whenua: Dunedin Railway Station

Dunedin’s city centre has heritage buildings at almost every turn, and the grandest of them all is the Dunedin Railway Station.

Tohu Whenua: Totara Estate

Totara Estate is probably the most important farm in the history of Aotearoa.

Tohu Whenua: Bannockburn Sluicings

If places had soundtracks you’d hear the cheesy score of a Spaghetti Western as you walk into the human-made badlands...

Meet marine mammals aboard an Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari

Did you know that whales don’t actually spout water from their blow holes?

Waipōua Forest

Kauri forest once covered over 1.2 million hectares of the North Island, from the mid-Waikato northward.

Tekapō stargazing

A three-quarter moon rising over Mt John made conditions dubious for viewing Tekapō’s world-renowned night sky.

Golden Bay: sun, sand, and secession

The people of Golden Bay sometimes joke about officially seceding from the rest of New Zealand and forming their own...

Adventure time: a forgotten railway journey

It is disconcerting driving through the countryside without holding a steering wheel.

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