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Four Sisters Walk


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Walk through kauri and rimu in beautiful native forest to four tall kauri trees growing extremely close together – the famous four sisters. 

About the walk

How long will it take? This is a 350m 10-minute one-way walk that’s suitable for wheelchairs, buggies and people of any age.

The walk is a short, one-way loop that takes you through kauri and rimu vegetation to see the Four Sisters, an impressive stand of four tall and graceful kauri trees growing extremely close together.

A viewing platform encircles the trees and protects the habitat from any disturbance.

The Four Sisters Walk is signposted 'Kauri Walks' from State Highway 12, which runs through the Waipōua Forest.

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It is very important that you keep to the walking track at all times. Kauri trees have very sensitive surface roots, and foot traffic around the trees endangers their lifespan.

Kauri trees occasionally create unusual growth forms. At times, the trunks of two, three, four, five and even six trees can grow joined together at the base of the trees. You can see similar growth in Trounson Kauri Park to the south. 

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