Travel Around New Zealand (Chinese)

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There are more than 200,000 Chinese living in New Zealand and every year more than 250,000 Chinese visit the country. This guide is designed to help them see as much as possible of New Zealand while having a truly memorable holiday.




 在新西兰生活的华人多达二十多万,而且每年有超过25万的中国游客访问新西兰。 该旅游指南旨在帮助中国游客最大限度地游览新西兰,度过一个难忘美好的假期。


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New Zealand is a world-class tourist destination, with something to see and do for everyone.


With beaches that go on as far as the eye can see, diverse landscapes, and plenty of wide open spaces, New Zealand is a paradise waiting to be explored.


You can visit a farm and see why our agricultural sector is world leading, experience our unique Maori culture and history, discover volcanic and geothermal wonders or relax and unwind at one of our internationally acclaimed natural spa facilities.


If shopping is one of your favourite pastimes, it could easily occupy much of your trip. New Zealand has a huge range of high quality souvenirs, designer labels, and natural beauty products.


No shopping trip would be complete without stopping to soak up our vibrant café and bar culture – let us show you the classic Kiwi hospitality.


For those with a spirit for adventure and a love of the outdoors, your trip here will fulfil your appetite for adrenaline.


New Zealand is the home of adventure tourism with many activities that cater for all levels of confidence, from skydiving and bungy jumping to water rafting, hiking and horse riding.


There is plenty to keep you busy, with 2,500km of cycle trails, weaved through stunning landscapes to explore, beautiful ski fields that will take your breath away, or you could play a round of golf at one of over 400 golf courses.


With many transport options throughout the country, it is easy to explore this great little country of ours, and see so much of what makes New Zealand special.


Wherever your trip takes you, I am sure that you will enjoy the Kiwi travel experience.


We look forward to welcoming you soon.


Rt Hon John Key
Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism

新西兰是世界一流的旅游目的地, 有着不胜枚举的观光景点和旅游活动, 任何人都可以在这里尽享其乐。

悠长绵延的海滩、变化多样的地形 地貌、广袤开阔的自然空间,宛如 天堂一般的新西兰等待您的发现。


您可以参观农场,了解为什么我们 的农牧业领先全球,还可以体验 我们独特的毛利文化和历史,探索 火山和地热奇观,或者在我们蜚声 国际的天然水疗中心放松身心,尽 享休闲。


如果您喜欢购物,新西兰也一定不 会让您失望。新西兰有着丰富多样 的高品质纪念品、设计师品牌时 装,以及各种天然美容保健产品。


在购物的途中停下脚步,尽情感受 我们充满活力的咖啡和酒吧文化, 让我们为您展示新西兰人热情友好 的待客之道。


如果您是户外活动爱好者,新西兰 令人兴奋的各种探险活动一定会让 您大呼过瘾。


新西兰是探险旅游的大本营,无论 是高空跳伞、蹦极,还是漂流、 远足或骑马,新西兰数不胜数的户 外活动可以满足您不同级别的探险 需求。


种类繁多的旅游项目一定会让您的 旅程精彩十足,沿着长2500公里 的自行车道骑行,领略沿途绝美的 风景地貌,或前往令人惊叹不已的 滑雪场,抑或从四百多个高尔夫球 场中任选一个,挥杆畅享高尔夫的 乐趣。


新西兰全国交通四通八达,您有很 多种出行选择,轻松探索新西兰这 个小巧却独具特色的国家。


无论前往何处,我相信您一定会乐 享新西兰之旅。




约翰·基 阁下

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 North Island 北岛  South Island 南岛
 North Island Map 北岛地图  South Island Map 南岛地图
 Northland 北部地区  Nelson 尼尔森
 Auckland 奥克兰  Westcoast 西海岸
 Coromandel/Bay of Plenty 科罗曼德与丰盛湾  Christchurch 基督城
 Waikato 怀卡托  Southern Lakes 南湖地区
 Rotorua 罗托鲁瓦  Otago 奥塔哥
 Taupo 陶波  Southland 南部地区
 Napier 内皮尔  
 Taranaki 塔拉纳基  
 Wellington 惠灵顿