Visiting Driver Training Programme


The essential tool for drivers visiting New Zealand

The Visiting Driver Training Programme has been designed for visiting overseas drivers who want to be sure they understand the NZ road rules and the typical road conditions they will experience here in New Zealand.

It’s a state of the art interactive video with 15 different situations to assess your knowledge and understanding of driving in New Zealand. You will be presented with a number of driving scenarios and asked to choose the correct answer on what to do next using multiple choice questions. Don’t worry if you get it wrong - you can try again until you get them all correct.

New requirements for overseas drivers

From 1 October 2015 all rental car companies and operators are encouraged to make sure every overseas driver is adequately prepared for driving in New Zealand and understands what’s different about driving in New Zealand. By completing this online assessment and printing a certificate of completion, signed by you, you can present this to your car rental provider to show you have taken steps to prepare yourself for driving in New Zealand.

Car rental discounts

Vehicle rental discount

Some rental car companies will also give you a discount on the cost of car rental or the cost of ancillary charges at least equivalent to the cost of the completion certificate. Participating rental car companies are listed below.