We will require supporting documentation to substantiate the claim, such as original copies of receipts, policy reports, airline reports and proof of ownership.

It is important that travellers tell us immediately when they become aware of any circumstances that may give rise to a claim. If you require assistance with a claim while overseas, you need to call us and we will give advice on what to do. If you are asked to fill in a claim form, we must receive the completed claim form within a reasonable time. To reduce delays in processing a claim, travellers should attach to their claim form - police reports, proof of delay, receipts and proof of ownership documents for any items lost stolen or damaged.

How to make a claim

You can print out a claim form or contact to request a form by email.

How we will settle the claim

Once we receive advice of the claim:

  • we will acknowledge that we have received it and may ask for further information or assistance that we may require to enable us to process the claim;
  • we may appoint an assessor, investigator, or medical adviser to assist us with the claim.
  • if the traveller details their bank account number on their claim form, our claim settlement will be credited directly into that account. Otherwise a cheque will be sent.

Claims will normally be settled when the traveller returns to New Zealand, except for overseas medical claims. We may, at our option settle urgent claims whilst the traveller is overseas.