Waiatoto River Safari. © West Coast New Zealand

Head into the wilderness of Haast on a jet-boat safari


Take a cruise up the Waiatoto River in Haast to discover some of the region’s most remote and pristine landscapes.

Otherwise only accessible by foot, the Waiatoto River Safari allows you to explore the remarkable wilderness of this UNESCO World Heritage Area by jet boat.

This pocket of the West Coast is considered to be one of the most authentic representations of Gondwanaland left in the world.

Experience neon blue water, dense green forest all set against a backdrop of snow-tipped peaks as you travel high up the river, then back to the brackish waters near the coast. 

On the Waiatoto River Safari, you’ll journey through the varied landscapes and ecosystems of the West Coast, from luxuriant rainforest to coastal dunes and the changing hues of the river, all in one remarkable experience.  

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