Paddleboarding at night in Akaroa. © NightSUP Akaroa

Paddle around Akaroa Harbour at night


Imagine floating around the tranquil Akaroa Harbour atop a stand-up paddleboard, in the dark. 

NightSUP is New Zealand’s first nocturnal paddleboarding experience where your stable board is illuminated with multi-coloured LED lights making the water beneath you glow. 

The LEDs also tend to attract curious fish and stingrays, so you can have close encounters with wildlife in your personal disco lights. 

Tours depart Akaroa at sunset and explore the perimeter of the sheltered inner harbour area. 

NightSUP Akaroa also hires step drive pedalboards and SUPs during the day, so you can explore the harbour in the sunshine, too.  

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