Have a soothing soak in Otumuheke Stream. © Joel McDowell

Soak in the free hot springs at Otumuheke Stream

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Where the Waikato River meets Otumuheke Stream in Taupō you’ll find free outdoor hot pools. 

Rich with historical significance for local Iwi, Otumuheke Stream was once a landing point for waka where people gathered to cleanse and heal themselves in the waters.  

Today, Spa Thermal Park at Otumukehe Stream is still a popular spot with local bathers enjoying the warm geothermal waterfalls and relaxing in natural rock pools. 

The water temperature changes depending on where you sit in the stream, so you can find a comfortable spot to suit everyone. 

Changing rooms, toilets, stream-side lounging areas, seating and a coffee kiosk have recently been added to enhance your bathing experience. 

A great outing for the whole family, Spa Thermal Park is literally one of Taupō’s best hot spots. 

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