Get up close with kekeno in Kaikōura. © Seal Swim Kaikōura

Swim with seals in Kaikōura


Off the coast of Kaikōura you can frolic in the sea with friendly kekeno.  

New Zealand fur seals are one of many prolific species that call the Kaikōura coast home. 

In a thick, buoyant wetsuit you can snorkel amongst these inquisitive creatures as they swim through the clear, shallow waters off the South Island’s east coast.

Choose from either a land-based or boat-based snorkelling tour to interact with the seals in their natural habitat. 

While every experience in Kaikōura is different, and kekeno are wild animals, they are also naturally curious. You can expect to get within a few metres of their big eyes and whiskery faces as they swim up to check you out. 

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