The Lost Gypsy Caravan. © Julian Robinson

The Lost Gypsy: amazing automata


A caravan serving coffee, art and automata are all part of the curious collection at Southland’s Lost Gypsy. 

The brainchild of local artist and tinkerer Blair Somerville, The Lost Gypsy explores the craft of automata – weird and wonderful contraptions that have been lovingly crafted out of everyday objects. 

Hard to explain, automata is best described as things that used to be something else, made into something new that you can interact with. 

Think wind up mechanical toys, crafty mechanisms, gears, kinetics and electronics with moving parts. 

The works at The Lost Gypsy range in size and complexity – from small metal mechanical sea mammals, to large interactive exhibits dotted through the garden. 

Come for the quirk, stay for a coffee and the delightful humour.

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