Pukeiti Gardens. © David Butler

Wander amongst the blooms at Pukeiti Gardens


Taranaki’s expansive Pukeiti Gardens have one of the largest and most varied collections of rhododendrons in the world. 

With more than 360 hectares of lush exotic planting alongside native bush, it’s easy to see why Pukeiti is a Garden of International Significance.

During the spring and summer months the gardens are in full bloom, and in December you can experience the sweet-smelling Himalayan Lillies that grow up to three metres tall. 

Multiple trails wind throughout the gardens, ranging from short rambles along the Rhododendron Stroll or through the Valley of the Giants, to one of the many longer walks through the native rainforest. 

For families, the self-guided Kids Treehouse Trail includes an activity satchel to complete along the way. 

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