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21 May 2024

No time to waste in starting roadside drug testing

Giving Police the ability to use roadside drug testing devices will fix a gap in New Zealand’s road safety strategy that has been exposed for too long, the AA says.

27 March 2024

AA asks: When will more speed cameras get warning signs?

New Zealand will soon have its first permanent speed camera with warning signage go live – but the AA cannot understand why it is the only one.

28 February 2024

Has an increase in reckless driving contributed to a horror start to the 2024 road toll?

With New Zealand suffering its worst January for road deaths in half a decade, the AA is concerned at a possible increase in reckless behaviour behind the wheel.

25 January 2024

Police reach 3 million breath tests for first time in a decade

The Police carrying out over 3 million breath alcohol tests last year is a huge leap towards making New Zealand’s roads safer, says the AA.

1 January 2024

Annual road deaths down but still tragically high

New Zealand’s annual road toll has fallen from the 2022 total, but the longer-term picture shows tragic incidents continuing to cast a severe shadow over the country’s roads, the AA says.

21 December 2023

AA Pet Insurance on holidaying safely with your furry family

The year is wrapping up and many of us will be preparing for festivities and road trips with the whole family, four legged members included. However, AA Pet Insurance is reminding people there are some extra precautions people should be taking with their furry friends during the holiday season.

18 December 2023

Keeping your speed down will make the time in your Speedos even sweeter

Those looking to relax at their favourite holiday spots first need to take it easy on the road, and keep a lid on their driving and speed.

12 December 2023

Change of approach on speed limits can get better public buy-in - AA

The Government’s review of speed limit rules will hopefully result in an approach that makes a lot of sense to many New Zealanders, the AA says.

12 December 2023

AA sadness at loss of dedicated transport researcher Peter King

Obituary for KING, Peter: 4 June 1961 – 6 November 2023 (aged 62)

5 December 2023

AA Lower Hutt relocates, remains in town centre

Housewarming day approaches for the Lower Hutt AA Centre team as they prepare to shift to a new location in the town centre.

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